Yesterday I realized that when I clicked on the link that led to the YouTube channel where I had several custom channels for the game, it had been deleted. So, I spent the day racking my brain to learn and make my own custom channels.

At first, I should have done this on the same Nintendo Switch publication date as I did for the game, but I was so busy with it that I didn't try to learn it. As the tutorial is old, some programs used, there was no link to download, so I ran the entire internet to be able to find everything. It literally took my whole day because of it! When I was almost giving up, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared and everything went well, and here I am bringing you some games that I like to share with you and make the Nintendo Switch experience more cool.

I will make the download public, free and with great affection for everyone and with a relief in my heart that, I did it! Haha
However, unfortunately I couldn't change the titles of the games, but what counts is the intention.

Video game skill level 7 or higher is required!

Games available:
01 Zelda
02 New Super Mario
03 Animal Crossing
04 Resident Evil
05 Mario Kart
06 Pokémon Let's Go
07 Donkey Kong

City Living expansion required.


Patreon (Public Free): [HERE]
Simsdom: [HERE]

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